Cultural Experiences: Vancouver International Aiport (YVR) and Incheon International Airport (IIA) in South Korea

These images are from the Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and the Incheon Airport. The Vancouver airport collects mostly First Nations Aboriginal art and includes some contemporary painting and design from  British Columbian artists and designers in airport interiors.

The Incheon Airport is, perhaps the “best in the world” for provided a truly Korean cultural experience instead of the “MacWorld” experience in most international airports.

At the Incheon Airport, at  precisely 11.30am and 5pm each day, the gateway travels back to a time of kings, queens and noblemen and women as the Korean Royal Family of the Joseon Dynasty makes a ceremonial procession through the terminal.

Dressed in colourful traditional Korean costume and with heads bowed in reverence to King and Queen, it is hard to believe these are not professional actors but in fact staff from the Cultural Heritage Foundation re-enacting a scene from a bygone era.

The daily ‘Walk of the Royal Family’ is perhaps the most visible example of Incheon’s push to make Incheon more than simply an airport, but also a fun and exciting destination representing Korean society – transforming it from an airport to a ‘Cultureport’. There is a fine art gallery, a studio where young and old can create traditional craft taught by experts on the traditions of Korean arts and crafts….all in all, a wonderful learning and entertaining experience for all.

Acquarium and First Nations Art, Vancouver Airport, YVR

Parade Korea, Incheon Airport

Airport Art Korean
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