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BC150-Applied Arts Virtural Museum- Online Learning Tool

1858 was the formal beginning of what is now British Columbia. The BC150 Applied Arts Project celebrates achievements and the spirit of British Columbians. The BC150 Applied Arts Project includes a Virtual Museum of artefacts that provides a glimpse of creativity, innovation and influences on BC applied arts from 1858-2008.

The BC Applied Arts History traveling exhibition showcases exampled of applied arts in British Columbia from earliest times to present. The exhibition will travel across British Columbia from March 2009 beyond 2010.

Asia Pacific Applied Arts and Creative Industry Forum (APAAF)

APAAF –Asia Pacific Applied Arts and Creative Industries Forum presents work from craftspeople and designers from APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) economies and other Pacific Rim countries.  Diverse works ranging from hand-crafted to industrial designs are selected and posted onto APAAF web pages. Pages are completed and upgraded over the years.

Chinatown, Past, Present, Future

This Community Projects course is offered to students from any discipline at ECUAD (Emily Carr University of Art and Design). The focus for this course is exhibition designs-installations and exploration of Chinatown’s community; its past, present and future. Students researched Chinatown to develop themes and proposals for their exhibitions.

Spirit of Place

Through imagination and art, Spirit of Place Projects link and connect young people locally, nationally and internationally in celebration of diverse creative expressions and global awareness.

African Children’s Policy Forum

The newly established African Child Policy Forum (ACPF), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in collaboration with the Emily Carr Institute-Art, Design and Media, (ECIAD) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, launched projects to establish Centres of Excellence in African Children’s Arts and Science Education. As a part of this, in November 2003, Professor Sam Carter, Vancouverite Ms. Zera Karim (Uganda-born), and ECIAD grad and graphic designer Patrick Gunn conducted painting workshops titled: Children’s Vision Excellence Workshops. The workshops were organized for amongst elementary schools and centres for street kids, altogether involving over 160 children in story-painting sessions. Each participant will receive certificates. ECIAD students participating in this mediated course prepared their ideas and concepts for a traveling exhibition celebrating the  children’s paintings, and at the same time, communicates the many challeges facing African children – violence, abuse, lack of voice and legal recource, part from their more “routine” problems of hunger, disease and illiteracy.

Sunken Treasures

The Canadian High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam, Paul Lau encouraged the first phase of an Educational Project that would begin with students in Canada studying exhibition design and museums, As a course-project, they would develop ideas and concepts for a traveling exhibition of the Brunei Shipwreck-Sunken Treasures of Brunei.

Public Art

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